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PaySim is the payments testing provider of choice.

Some of the biggest names in payments use PaySim to ensure their payment systems are reliable and meet performance expectations.

Why PaySim?

Accelerate speed to market

Get your products to market faster with PaySim, delivering automated, repeatable, and scalable testing capabilities.

Access our full suite of payment testing capabilities

Accumulated over 15 years across switches, POS devices, and ATMs, PaySim provides access to our comprehensive card and instant payment testing capability with over 50 different modules.

Reduce cost

We provide a faster path to market through a comprehensive automated (not manual) testing solution, reducing time and development costs. We simulate devices – there’s no need for additional hardware.

Reduce risk & maintain brand reputation

Protect your business from fraud and use robust testing processes that can simulate over 60,000 variations of transaction types so there are no surprises. Manage the risk from payment products, to prevent potential reputational impacts.

Benefit from our payments expertise

PaySim removes the complexity of needing to integrate with third party and physical testing devices. Our tailored solution speeds up the testing process, cutting costs and supporting your delivery of secure payment systems.

Designed for you

We understand what is important to testers, quality assurance and technical payments experts. Having built and improved our solution over time with the user at the centre, and functionality being key.

Our proven and trusted payments testing solution ensures payment systems meet the reliability and performance expectations of end customers. PaySim simulates the full transaction lifecycle across multiple systems, enabling you to complete end-to-end testing of your payment platforms and processes from a desktop.

PaySim is the default standard for eftpos testing in Australia. All participants must use our software to validate their technology.

Payment Simulation

Simulate over 60,000 variations of transaction types so there are no surprises.

Stress testing & planning

It is impossible to stress test manually. PaySim stress tests over 10,000 transactions per second.

ATM, POS & ISO Simulation

Test ATMs, POS, interchange, regression and stress test cases concurrently, using a single system from your desktop.

Testing Automation

Run tests at times that suit you. By automating the tests and reports, you save time and money.

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